The Crucial Element: Support From Partners

I ride my bike a lot. Not ‘pro-level-a-lot’, but 300 kilometres a week I think is a fair bit for a bloke with a full-time job, and a family with 2 small kids under 5. It takes a shed-tonne of planning, and a solid association with the discipline fairy to make that volume work.

But if my wife didn’t support what I did, then I wouldn’t be doing it. I get stacks of comments about how others are jealous that I get to ride so much, and how tolerant my wife must be. To an extent, she is, but that understanding has been built over a long time. I didn’t just start riding lots, and magically my wife was sprinkling happy dust around the house… Looking back, there are a few areas that allowed us to reach this point.


For the largest part, my wife gives zero f…s in any discussion about bikes. All she hears is “Derailleur, Shimano, Carbon blah blah…” But what I do try to do is discuss with her about upcoming goals I’d like to have, and which periods I will need to be more focused in my preparation.

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Author: Dave Edwards

Exploring the mental side of endurance cycling challenges.

One thought on “The Crucial Element: Support From Partners”

  1. Nice piece Dave…and I can’t believe how similar our circumstances are…I think there is something to that. My wife has had the word “exercise” removed from her vocabulary but despite the fact that she can’t relate to what I do, she has been behind each and every one of my nut job adventures. In fact, she has been a key ingredient in me achieving my goals. Inevitably, each half of every relationship will have different interests and aspirations. Rather than be disengaged or indifferent to the others interests, its important to embrace them and celebrate with them along the way.

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