Why We Shave Our Legs

For ages I resisted, I refused to shave my legs. I would actively make fun of any of my friends who did do it, I just thought it was dumb. Then over time, that opinion softened somewhat, then a lot, and now I have silky smooth legs all of the time. Hell I shaved in the shower earlier today so I would have smooth legs on my non-cycling related work conference in the tropics.

I take pride in my smooth guns. Part of me thinks I’m a sell-out, but when I’m cycling, I don’t care. These days if I see someone with a hairy set of pipes on a bike, it looks wrong. Why? Every single non-cyclist person you know thinks that a man who shaves his legs is a total tool. You are made fun of to your face as well as behind your back, so why do it?


Heaps of guys will say that cyclists shave because when you crash, the wound will heal quicker if you have no hair. RUBBISH. Prove it. If this was the case, why not shave your whole body? People get grazes on their arms and torso, and they don’t shave those areas, yet they heal just fine.

The full article is published over on La Velocita. Click here to see the full piece.

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Author: Dave Edwards

Exploring the mental side of endurance cycling challenges.

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