Who The F… Is Dave Edwards?

Hello, I’m Dave. I love my family, coffee, red beer and cycling. A LOT.

I got into cycling through triathlon, which in turn I got into through running. I ran the Paris marathon in 2008, largely because I was going to be in Paris at the same time as some mates, and one of them had pulled out with injury. With five weeks training, I flew to Paris and lined up. What a day, I’ll remember that for ages. I ran most of the way with my mate Adam, until at the 30 kilometre mark he had to stop. To be honest I spent most of the next 12 kilometres shuffling too. It was PAINFUL. It hurt real bad. I finished in 5:12. Done. Marathon crossed off, don’t need to do that again. Click here to meet singles in your area… Nah, it’s just to read more about me