With All I Have x La Velocita

After months of flirting, romantic dinners, and late night drives to Make-out Point, With All I Have and La Velocita are taking this relationship to the next level. So, we’ve packed up our stuff and moved into La Velocita’s place. We look forward to years of arguing about furniture placement, dishwashing roster, and who clogged the toilet…

Click on the image below to go and check it out!

With All I have Closing Picture

If you have subscribed by email to this blog, LIKE A TOTAL LEGEND, then you still are subscribed, and will continue to get the news as it comes through. If you subscribed as a fellow WordPress user, then I will need to very politely ask that you jump across to the new digs, and subscribe again. Totally worth it, especially as La Velocita has some totally cool stuff in there.

Good times ahead.